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CCCS of Greater Greensboro offers services for first-time homebuyers, to help guide you through the process of establishing your first home:

Pre-Purchase Counseling

A FREE service to assist you in developing a personalized plan that explores options and resources to achieve homeownership.  A Certified Housing Counselor will sit down with you to work through and evaluate the home buying process, the mortgage lending process, and the financial commitment you are about to undertake.

Purchasing Education

A HUD certified 8 hour homebuying educational workshop which addresses the important aspects of the home buying process. CCCS educational staff and expert speakers discuss budgeting, credit, locating a home, shopping for a home and closing your first mortgage.  8 hour HUD home buyer education certificate is provided.  An online workshop is also available. Fee charged.

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Can’t take the workshop in person?  Take our online homebuyer class at your convenience.



Are you ready to buy a home?

Answer these simple questions to see if homeownership is really for you. Please use the response that best describes you.


  • Would you be able to maintain a home? i.e. mow the lawn, paint the house?
  • Do you want to stay in the same home for at least 5 years?
  • Have you taken a look at your credit report in the past year?
  • Are you current with your rent and utilities?
  • Do you manage your credit cards and personal loans well?
  • Have you attended a first time homebuyer’s class?
  • Are you able to save and plan for future purchases?


0-7 You should really evaluate the pros and cons of both renting and buying. If you really want to buy a home it is not an unreachable goal. CCCS can help you to reach homeownership by providing you with prepurchase counseling. We will review your budget, your credit report, and work with you on attainable action steps to help you make a well-informed decision. It may take a little longer to adequately prepare for homeownership but it will make the reward of owning that much greater.

8-14 Homeownership is within your reach. It would be helpful to talk to CCCS about your goals for homeownership. We can provide you with prepurchase counseling and our counselors can review your budget, discuss your credit report, and link you with additional community resources. We want to help you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about buying your first home.

14-21 You are on the right track for homeownership. Use CCCS to make it a reality. We offer prepurchase counseling to answer any additional questions that you may have. As a HUD Housing Counseling agency we want to make sure that you are aware of all the resources available to a first time homebuyer.

Disclaimer: The information here is to be used for educational purposes only. It should not be a substitute for seeking professional financial advice.