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Owning your own home has many benefits, but it is not without its financial risks. Whether you’re a current homeowner needing assistance, or if you are looking to purchase a home in the future, CCCS of Greater Greensboro can help you set realistic goals, offer sound advice, assist you with careful planning, and provide a clear understanding of the costs involved in being a home owner.

Studies show there are clear benefits toward receiving housing counseling. 69% of homeowners who received assistance from a NFCC certified housing counselor were able to obtain a mortgage remedy, and 56% were able to become current on their mortgage.

Housing counseling can also help you prevent foreclosure, avoid predatory lenders, and find a loan modification cure to reduce your monthly mortgage payment. CCCS of Greater Greensboro’s NFCC certified housing counselors are experienced. They know the process and they know the pitfalls.

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