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CCCS of Greater Greensboro’s nationally certified counselors provide free professional advice on money management, maintaining your credit report, and using credit wisely.

You may owe money. You may be in over your head. The truth is most people with serious money problems do not intend to be in debt, they just end up there. Sometimes it’s the result of medical expenses or unemployment. Sometimes it’s poor money management. In every case, the way to fix your money problems is not just to eliminate what you owe, but to also address the issues that put you in debt in the first place.

Our NFCC Certified Consumer Credit Counselors will assist you in determining the best options to meet your individual needs. The Certified Consumer Credit Counselor will:

      Advise you on managing your money;


      Offer solutions to your current financial problems; and


    Develop a personalized plan to help you prevent future difficulties.

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Online financial counseling is available via the National Foundation of Credit Counseling